Ron Romasanta

I would title this video: Take that Rare Genetic Disorder! We are the human spirit!

This is the story of our daughter, Eden Grace.

Early in her life she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that specialists knew little about. The prognosis was physical and developmental delays - and it was unknown if she would ever be strong enough to crawl or walk on her own. It was heartbreaking to hear, but we chose to be joyful no matter the outcome.

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Thank you Charles O’Rear

Real Change by

Life in tent encampments, vehicles, motels, and storage units - REAL CHANGE focuses on four men who sell Real Change News, a street newspaper in Seattle. Follow ROBERT, GEORGE, DANIEL, and BUDDY as they navigate the less visible side of homelessness in America. Despite their struggles, they persevere. Each sells newspapers to get by.